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2016 ZE Year End Review

2016 ZE Year End Review
October 27, 2016, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. ® (“ZE”) is guided by its mission to establish ZEMA™ as a “must have” software platform for any corporation seeking to automate and feed data-centric business processes and systems. In Fiscal 2016, we made substantial progress advancing our mission. We continued to release innovative services and products, expanded our customer base, and grew our business. Some notable Fiscal 2016 achievements include:

  • Launching the state-of-the-art ZE Cloud managed and hosted service. This new cloud service provides a compelling alternative to our clients who currently have an on premise Enterprise ZEMA deployment but want to leverage ZE’s technical expertise in hosting and maintaining that environment. Over 32% of our clients have now signed up for this premium service. We expect to migrate more clients to the ZE Cloud and broaden our service offerings to them as we add value to their business processes.
  • Improving the underlying database architecture and design, allowing for significant increases in data sources and data volumes managed by ZEMA. The new architecture provides our clients with higher scalability and performance for their data storage and distribution. This resulted in ZE receiving recognition by the CIO Review as one of the “100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers in 2016.”
  • Increasing ZEMA’s integration, analysis, and visualization capabilities by taking into account our clients’ needs. ZEMA now integrates with most industry BI and analytical tools; a drive towards making ZEMA the system of choice for any data, any industry, any system and any size of enterprise.
  • Endeavoring to become indispensable to our clients’ integrated business processes as the world of big data and cloud computing evolves. ZE continued to expand its scope of professional services, allowing our clients to leverage ZE’s extensive industry and data expertise. To meet the increasing demand of ZEMA clients for our experience, ZE’s Business Analyst School prepares young professionals for a career in solving our customers’ data challenges in intelligent and automated ways.
  • Expanding products and services in North America, internationally and breaking ground in new markets. In 2016, our international revenue grew by 85% – adding several new major clients in oil and gas, power generation, finance, soft commodities and reinsurance. We are confident about the long-term potential for making ZEMA the global choice for enterprise level data management solution for any industry.
  • Delivering the above while maintaining a solid financial performance. In Fiscal 2016, our revenue increased by 23% compared to 18% in the previous year. Additionally, our gross margin, as expressed by our EBITDA nearly doubled. This reaffirms ZE’s stability and ability to maintain its position as a global leader in Consulting and Software Development in the field of data management.

Prevailing low oil prices for the year caused some clients to cut costs and reduce their software footprints. Still, ZE remained steadfast and continued to thrive in adverse conditions through its proactive approach of offering service and solutions that anticipate and fulfill client needs. Due to ZEMA’s open architecture and modularity, a wider range of international clients across several industries were able to adopt our solution, resulting in a diversified revenue stream for ZE. Despite an overall downward trend in the marketplace, ZE maintained an expert work force dedicated to providing superior products and services that set new standards for the data management industry.

For Fiscal 2017, ZE’s strategic plan includes an impressive set of data management tools and expert consultants poised to again lead the marketplace. The ZEMA suite has enhanced ability to integrate with more systems, especially as BI tools become more prevalent, and we are better positioned to serve our current and future clients in collecting, validating, transforming and staging data for dynamic integration with BI, trade and risk, ERP and all manner of “data hungry” applications. For existing clients, ZEMA continues to provide increasing value by expanding and serving a variety of business functions – acting as a solid data backbone.

ZE moves forward confidently with continued financial improvement, progress in our road map, a focus on efficiency, service delivery and a pipeline full of excellent prospects. We are invigorated through investment in a diverse and talented staff with our dedicated people working hard to make our business plan a reality. We look forward to 2016/2017 being our best year ever.

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