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A New Concept in Market Data and Analysis

November 8, 2006, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

November 8, 2006 – Richmond, B.C. − ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) is pleased to announce that it has officially launched ZEMA V3, its comprehensive ZE Market Analysis Suite. ZEMA V3 is the combination of an extensive volume of market data and a sophisticated set of web based data and analysis tools that manages, displays, analyzes, integrates and easily distributes market data and intelligence within organizations. Energy professionals at all levels would benefit from ZEMA V3 through its unique features.
“ZEMA V3 provides corporations with the features of SQL, spreadsheets, reporting tools, mobiles, dashboards, and web technologies enabling front, mid, and back offices and even the IT department to quickly access market data in the formats that they need. The product actually extends to the client’s own internal data and turns all market data into market intelligence. We’re trying to empower our clients, not create dependencies on us. ” says Waleed El-Ramly, VP of Product Development at ZE PowerGroup Inc.
ZEMA has been used in the energy industry for over 6 years serving from large scale clients through enterprise solutions to smaller firms through subscription services.
ZEMA V3 is available to the energy market or any market with a need to manage and analyze data.
For more information please visit www.zemasuite.com.

About ZE PowerGroup Inc.

ZE PowerGroup Inc. is a Richmond, BC-based energy consulting firm and the developer of ZE EnergyTools, an integrated suite of energy trade and data management applications. The ZE EnergyTools suite delivers a broad range of analytics, data acquisition, trading, and risk management capabilities that enable dynamic operation in uncertain and volatile markets.

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