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Carbon Credit, Oil, and Biofuel Market Data from Quantum Now Available on the ZEMA Platform

Carbon Credit, Oil, and Biofuel Market Data from Quantum Now Available on the ZEMA Platform
June 7, 2023, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

As the world undergoes a significant paradigm shift towards cleaner energy sources and strives to achieve net-zero emissions, businesses face the challenge of adapting to this evolving landscape. In response to this global need, ZE PowerGroup, a global leader in data management and analytics solutions for the energy and commodities markets, is pleased to announce its partnership with Quantum Commodity Intelligence, reinforcing its commitment to providing data-driven solutions that support customers in meeting their energy transition goals.

ZE PowerGroup and Quantum Commodity Intelligence Forge Strategic Partnership Unleashing the Power of Data and Driving Innovation in Sustainable Energy

The collaboration entails integrating Quantum’s comprehensive market data, including daily price assessments for the global oil, refined products, biofuels, and carbon credits markets, into ZE’s flagship platform, ZEMA.

Quantum Commodity Intelligence is renowned for its market-leading carbon offset prices, which are increasingly used by market participants to index link their spot and term contracts. This ensures fair market value for both parties involved. The availability of Quantum’s price indexes within the ZEMA platform enables ZE clients operating in the voluntary carbon market to transact with confidence, leveraging accurate and reliable data for their carbon credit activities.

Andrew Goodwin, Director of Quantum Commodity Intelligence, expressed his delight at making their data available on the ZEMA platform. “We are delighted to make our data available on the ZEMA platform in response to a growing number of requests from our clients. I personally know the team at ZE and the great work they do to let our clients get the most out of our data.”

Aiman El-Ramly, Chief Business Officer of ZE PowerGroup, emphasized the significance of this partnership in addressing the challenges of the energy transition. “Businesses everywhere face a paradigm shift as the world transitions to cleaner energy sources while working to achieve net-zero emissions. By partnering with Quantum, we expand our data-driven solutions and provide accessible data management platforms that reduce costs, risks, and cycle times, helping our customers meet their energy transition goals.”

This partnership highlights ZE’s commitment to expanding the ZEMA data catalog, offering unrivaled data on renewable energy and the energy transition.
ZE PowerGroup’s ZEMA platform is widely recognized for its comprehensive data management and analytics capabilities. The seamless integration of Quantum’s market data expands ZEMA’s data coverage, equipping clients across the supply chain with valuable insights to maximize their understanding of current and future positions while minimizing risks.

The partnership combines ZE’s extensive data management and analytics expertise with Quantum’s renowned market data offerings, offering market participants a powerful solution to navigate the complexities of carbon credits, oil, and biofuels, facilitating data-driven decision-making and optimizing trading strategies.

In the face of one of the world’s greatest collective challenges, the energy transition, ZE PowerGroup, remains at the forefront of empowering businesses with innovative solutions. Recognizing the critical importance of data in this transformative journey, ZE continues to expand its ZEMA data catalog, offering unparalleled insights and intelligence in the realm of renewable energy and energy transition. This integration of Quantum Commodity Intelligence further enhances the capabilities of ZEMA, empowering clients to access industry-standard data and make informed decisions in the carbon credit, oil, and biofuel markets.

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