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ZE consulting teams are industry experts providing critical market insight and advanced technical analysis. Whether it’s generating strategic business cases, converting manual practices into automated processes, developing complex forward curves or forecasts, ZE can do it.

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Requirements Analysis

ZE’s approach to each client’s project is holistic. ZE starts by listening to the client, identifying present issues, and then establishing project goals – a process which establishes a project charter, scope, and definitions. This process enables ZE to design a solution that will meet the needs of various business units across a client’s organization. During this stage, ZE’s team will carry out the following activities:

Process Discovery
Data Discovery
Analytics Discovery
Process Documentation
Process Definition

ZE meticulously reviews the clients’ data usage to make sure they are receiving optimal value for their paid data subscriptions. ZE examines who in the organization is using what data, to what extent this data is being used, and where there are any redundant data feeds.


ZE offers the service of converting any manual processes into automated processes in order to enhance workflow efficiency.


ZE consultants analyze existing methodologies and traded products/markets and help design the logic, structure, and workflow for automated ZEMA curves, which usually have a direct link to the client’s ETRM system.


In instances where clients have existing MS Excel-driven spreadsheets or models, ZE fully converts these Excel-based solutions to dynamically leverage ZEMA’s data and analytics catalog. Organizations can embed raw or calculated data directly into MS Excel, producing dynamic and automated spreadsheet processes.


ZE works with clients to ensure that ZEMA meets their requirements. If a client requests functionality that is not yet available in ZEMA, ZE will map out its development options. ZE invests heavily in research and development to improve ZEMA with the client’s long-term needs in mind.

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