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Alberta Energy Regulator

The AER ensures the safe, efficient, orderly, and environmentally responsible development of oil, oil sands, natural gas, and coal resources over their entire life cycle. This includes allocating and conserving water resources, managing public lands, and protecting the environment while providing economic benefits for all Albertans. We are responsible for regulating the life cycle of oil, oil sands, natural gas, and coal projects in Alberta. As the single regulator for energy development in the province, we must ensure that development is carried out in a manner that protects public safety and the environment, while ensuring that the regulatory system is as efficient as possible. We are also responsible for managing Alberta’s vast energy resources. Every year since 1961, we have prepared a report that provides information on the state of reserves and the supply and demand outlook for Alberta’s energy resources. For more information, visit https://www.aer.ca/index.html