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Cenex Pipeline

Headquartered in Laurel, Mont., Cenex Pipeline, LLC (CPL) transports an average of 43,000 barrels of refined products a day. It spans more than 680 miles across part of Montana and North Dakota. CPL transports refined petroleum products from refineries in the Laurel and Billings, Mont., area to terminals in Glendive, Mont., as well as Minot and Fargo, ND. We invest significant time and resources into maintaining the quality and integrity of our pipeline system. Our manned control center monitors the system 24 hours a day, assessing changes in pressure and flow and notifying field personnel of potential risks. We also utilize aerial and ground surveillance to identify potential dangers, as well as a variety of supplemental hazard and assessment programs known as Integrity Management Programs (IMP) for preventative measures. For more information, visit https://www.chsinc.com/pipelines/our-pipelines