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Global Trade Information Services, Inc

Global Trade Information Services, Inc. (GTI) incorporated in 1993, was established to promote a better understanding of global economic development. With the globalization of world markets, trade data analysis was becoming increasingly important in understanding the dynamics of world trade. Recognizing this development, coupled with an understanding of advances in personal computer technology, GTI developed a new and better software solution for trade data analysis. Today, GTI is recognized as the premier supplier of international merchandise trade data on the Internet. GTI presently serves clients in over 250 cities in 50 countries worldwide. GTI's newest software is the Global Trade Atlas (GTA) that provides governments, trade associations and businesses still another approach to analyze trade data. Rather than looking at trade in different country editions, one can now view trade around the world by individual commodity. For example, one can create a model for a commodity, such as wine, and show all exports or all imports worldwide on one screen. Trade analysts can now determine more accurately market shares of world trade for a particular commodity. In addition, one can now easily estimate import and export trade for those countries that do not have reliable trade data of their own by using the trade data of other countries. For more information, visit https://www.gtis.com/English/GTIS_revisit.html