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Hungarian Derivative Energy Exchange

HUDEX Hungarian Derivative Energy Exchange Ltd. founded on January 30, 2017, is the youngest member of the HUPX Group. HUDEX operates with a power and natural gas market segment, where Hungarian power and natural gas future products are traded at one place, with one membership, with optional physical delivery for power products and mandatory physical delivery for natural gas products. Trading is conducted on the Europe wide known and recognized Trayport trading system, while the European Commodity Clearing AG (ECC) acts as a clearinghouse in case of power transactions, and Keler Ltd. provides clearing services for natural gas market transactions. Moreover, HUDEX in cooperation with energy broker houses provides a clearing facility for the OTC (over-the-counter) power future trades concluded on the broker platforms. HUDEX supports HUPX Group's key goal that the Hungarian futures energy market, as before, will continue to serve as reference price in the so-called HUPX region, which includes Hungary and South Eastern Europe. For more information, visit https://hudex.hu/en/