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Independent Bulgarian Power Exchange

IBEX (Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange) was established January 2014, as a fully-owned subsidiary of the Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD. The efforts of IBEX EAD are aimed entirely at providing a reliable, transparent and competitive electricity trading platforms r to enable market participants to enter into transactions through a variety of products. For this purpose, IBEX offers access to different trading platforms and organised market segments for short-term to long term products as Day ahead market and Auctions, Continuous trading and Hourly products screens part of the Centralized Market for Bilateral Contracts (CMBC). Starting from 2018 Q1 IBEX EAD added to its portfolio the shortest-term segment with a physical delivery Intraday. In future, IBEX EAD intends to expand its portfolio of products by adding to its market segments organised market for natural gas trading. For more information, visit http://www.ibex.bg/en