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LMC Automotive

For 30 years LMC Automotive has been offering independent and 100% automotive focused intelligence, insight and analysis into how market dynamics, economic, regulatory and technological change impact vehicle sales and production. At LMC Automotive, our focus is entirely on the automotive sector, with an unbiased and comprehensive set of services to inform and empower decision makers across the industry. We offer the automotive industry all the information, insight and industry expertise needed to power better business decisions in a world defined by change. Integrating LMC Automotive’s independent and unbiased forecast data, analysis, insight and expertise into your strategic business planning process enables you to make faster, better-informed, more confident business decisions – minimising risk and maximising opportunity. What sets us apart is our exclusive focus on automotive. This enables us to deliver the leading production, sales and powertrain forecasts and the best automotive market intelligence available today. In a time of rapid technology evolution, increased competitive pressure and market risk, macro-economic and regulatory change, we offer the right guidance, at the right time. For more information, visit https://lmc-auto.com/