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Liquidity Partners

Liquidity Partners was formed in January 2003 to provide traditional brokering services to the domestic Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) market. Our team is comprised of former traders and marketers from within the industry, giving us the experience necessary to perform your trades with confidence. We provide superior service through our in-depth understanding of the market and our ability to quickly execute complex physical and financial transactions. Since our founding, we have expanded into the US Gulf Coast Naphtha Barge and Vessel market, US Aromatics, US Olefins, and Product Derivatives. Our customers and other market participants are also provided market information via the industry leading NGL forward curve data, the Daily Blather NGL Market Data. Presently our focus is on the US NGL market, where products trade at Mt. Belvieu, Texas, Conway, Kansas, and the US Olefins market, where products trade at Belvieu, Texas. We continue to follow the other markets and take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. For more information, visit http://www.liquidity-partners.com/index.html