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Ministry of Agro Industry

It is essential to recognize the changes in the status of agriculture over the past few decades. Agriculture has changed from being a Mauritian industry to become part of a ‘small-island-development-state’ industry and is now part of a global industry. Aware that agriculture, the primary process in the food-chain, needs an effective processing component supported by effective marketing structures if it is to maintain returns, farmers, growers and fishers have come to terms with being part of a demand oriented market and are now sensitized to produce what the customers want rather than what they want to produce. For the promotion of agro-industrial sector and further development of the agricultural sector, the way forward lies in joining hands with all our stakeholders, through concerted strategies towards achieving our goals in the sugar, non sugar and fisheries sectors. Classified as a Net-Food-Importing-Country, the broad policy objectives of the Sugar Sector seek to, focus on the preservation of a stable and predictable revenue for our food imports; to safeguarding the livelihood of small planters; and ensuring the optimization of value added of sugar and its co-products. For more information, visit http://agriculture.govmu.org/English/Pages/default.aspx