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National Water & Climate Center

The Center is the technical lead for the Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecasting Program, the NRCS national Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN), and a large number of water and climate activities. These include providing data for conservation, tools for assessing water supplies and climate, and resources for addressing questions on local and regional conditions, drought and climate trends. Our Center also serves as a resource and co-director for the USDA Pacific Northwest Climate Hub. The data and our water supply forecasts are used by agricultural producers, water managers, hydroelectric power generators, recreationists, fish and wildlife managers, and climate researchers, to name just a few. The NRCS staff who work at the National Water and Climate Center and throughout the Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecasting Program are dedicated to providing the most current, accurate, and accessible data and information possible to the public. For more information, visit https://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/