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Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

NVE is a directorate under the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and is responsible for the management of Norway’s water and energy resources. We also work to reduce the risk of damages associated with landslides and flooding. NVE believes in open dialogue with the local communities, and we make sure that all interested parties receive the required information. The directorate aims to ensure an integrated and environmentally sound management of the country’s water systems, promote efficient energy markets and cost-effective energy systems, and contribute to efficient energy use. We also bear the overall responsibility for maintaining national power supplies. NVE is involved in research and development (R&D) and international development assistance NVE is also the national centre for expertise in hydrology. In addition, with its expertise in systematic mapping and observation, NVE has become an important actor both in national and international climate research. For more information, visit https://www.nve.no/