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Polish Power Exchange

TGE is a pioneer in implementing innovative solutions in the field of commodity trading. It is the only licensed commodity exchange in Poland operating under the Act on Commodity Exchanges, which holds a permit to operate a regulated market. TGE is supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority with regard to the transactions on the markets operated by the exchange, including the electricity, natural gas, property rights and CO2 emission allowances markets. TGE continues to consolidate its position as Central and Eastern Europe’s leading exchange in terms of its commercial offer. The volume of electricity and natural gas traded on TGE places it as the largest in the region. This results, among others, from the adopted business model, which enables market players to sell and buy various exchange products under a single roof. TGE is an active member of the following international organizations: EUROPEX - European Association of Energy Exchanges, APEx - Association of Power Exchanges, and AFM - Association of Futures Markets.