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Power Exchange Central Europe

POWER EXCHANGE CENTRAL EUROPE (PXE) is the Prague-based centre of competence for the Central and Eastern European power markets. As part of EEX Group, PXE is committed to further developing products and services for the Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian and Romanian market. PXE was established on 8 January 2007 as Energetická burza Praha and, since then, offered services on the electricity markets, namely providing anonymous trading in and settlement of standardised power products. In 2016, PXE became part of EEX Group, a group of companies serving international energy and commodity markets which connects more than 500 trading participants worldwide. The power derivatives operated by PXE are run on the EEX trading system. Thus, the EEX trading participants are able to trade Czech, Hungarian, Slovakian, Romanian and Polish power futures alongside with contracts for 11 power markets in Central Western Europe. PXE also enables end customers – in particular firms, municipalities, government organisations and any large consumers in general – to find the most suitable electricity and natural gas supplier via electronic auctions at the best price possible and under fully transparent conditions. In cooperation with Powernext and Austrian Central European Gas Hub AG (CEGH), PXE operates the PEGAS CEGH Czech Market market for trading in gas in the form of derivative products delivered to a virtual trading point on the Czech market. For more information, visit https://www.pxe.cz/