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RIM Intelligence

Rim Intelligence Co.'s management principle is to ensure transparency for energy trade and to provide fair market prices. Since its inauguration in 1984, Rim Intelligence has been providing market and price information mainly on the oil market. Along with the changing times, however, we realized that it was necessary to publish reports other than on the oil market. Before supply increased due to the shale revolution, we started publishing the LNG report. We also re-issued the power report in 2013 before the power retail market was liberalized in Japan. With tighter regulations on sulfur contents and moves to reduce greenhouse gases, we issued "cross view" reports on petroleum products and also published a seasonal energy report, "Energy Press". As the use of renewable energy is expected to increase in the future, we consider providing price information on non-fossil fuel markets. Rim has been providing information on energy markets to the world for more than 30 years. We see this as our responsibility and our mission, and will persist with our effort tirelessly. For more information, visit https://eng.rim-intelligence.co.jp/