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Shanghai Futures Exchange

With the ultimate goal of serving the real economy, Shanghai Futures Exchange (“SHFE”) is under the uniform regulation of China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”) and organizes the futures trading approved by CSRC in accordance with the principles of openness, impartiality, fairness and integrity. Currently there are 19 futures contracts and 3 commodity options available for trading on SHFE, including the futures on copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, nickel, tin, gold, silver, steel rebar, steel wire rod, hot rolled coil, fuel oil, crude oil, bitumen, natural rubber, woodpulp, TSR 20, stainless steel and LSFO, and also copper option, natural rubber option and gold option. SHFE Business Services Co.,Ltd Co., Ltd., Shanghai Futures Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Futures and Derivatives Research Institute and Shanghai International Energy Exchange are the subsidiaries of SHFE. For more information, visit http://www.shfe.com.cn/en/