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Smart GRTgas

GRTgaz is a French natural gas transmission system operator located in Bois-Colombes, Île de France, France. The operated system consists of high pressure gas pipelines with pressure exceeding 60 bars (6,000 kPa). GRTgaz is a public limited company, a subsidiary of the industrial group ENGIE. Smart GRTgaz provides more than thirty new types of data designed to facilitate the activities of network users (level of stock in transit through balancing zones, capacity restrictions, etc.). With 77 operators active on the wholesale gas market at the beginning of 2011, a net increase in the consumption of natural gas in 2010 and sustained development of exchanges within GRTgaz market areas (+ 23 % in 2010), the natural gas transmission landscape in France is changing rapidly. To support these developments, Smart GRTgaz has created a powerful European benchmark information tool, which is designed to increase the attractiveness of the French market. For more information, visit http://www.grtgaz.com/nc/en/home-page.html or https://www.smart.grtgaz.com/en