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Situated in the south eastern portion of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, TransGas is ideally situated to serve natural gas producers and consumers. TransGas has a rich history of serving Saskatchewan natural gas producers and end users for almost 60 years. From its early days as part of the Saskatchewan Power Corporation to its present day status as a wholly owned subsidiary of SaskEnergy, TransGas has consistently provided safe, reliable and economical natural gas transportation and storage services. TransGas is headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan and our natural gas transmission system covers almost two thirds of the province with a network of more than 14,000 kilometres of high pressure natural gas pipelines. Integral to our system are several strategically located natural gas storage sites with the capacity to provide operational flexibility along with a highly reliable and competitive natural gas storage service. Utilizing a split receipt and delivery transportation model, TransGas provides its customers with a high level of liquidity at our TransGas Energy Pool ("TEP"), a notional point on our system where producers, marketers and end-users can match supplies to demand. Whether you are a natural gas producer or an end-user, TransGas has the infrastructure to serve your needs. Above all, we have over 250 TransGas employees with the skills, abilities, enthusiasm, and customer service focus to ensure that TransGas is indeed "your link to success". For more information, visit https://www.transgas.com/Default.asp