APCS Power Clearing & Settlement

APCS is the clearing and settlement agent for the APG control area. We calculate the balancing energy use of Austrian electricity market participants on the basis of their scheduled and actual injection into and withdrawals from the grid.In its capacity as an independent, central clearing and settlement agent, APCS also organises a competitive balancing market. APCS vouches not only for efficient and affordable clearing and settlement operations thanks to its unique expertise, but also for impartiality and confidentiality in its dealings with all the market participants concerned, and the maintenance of security and monitoring mechanisms that provide optimum protection for all the data used by it. Our cooperation with experienced partners from the industrial, energy and financial sectors underpins our ability to offer efficient market organisation and perform our tasks as a clearing and settlement agent for balancing energy transactions and pricing at a reasonable cost. For more information, visit https://www.apcs.at/en

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