Atlas Petroleum Exploration Worldwide, Ltd

Atlas Petroleum Exploration Worldwide, Ltd (“APEX”) is an international energy company with their corporate headquarters located in Houston, Texas and with management offices in Tunis, Tunisia. The Company was formed in 2003 to develop an international upstream oil and gas project portfolio. The initial growth strategy focused on exploration, production and development projects in the Middle East and North Africa, where executive management has solid relationships with both industry and government at all levels as well as extensive experience. Today APEX is continuing to pursue its initial business development strategy and is dedicated to developing an exploration and development portfolio with high growth potential in its focus areas, including, and primarily Tunisia. However, current geopolitical conditions existing in the Middle East and North Africa will present numerous future hydrocarbon prospects and opportunities which can and will provide strong investment returns and significant growth potential for those poised to be opportunistic. APEX is well positioned to evaluate the technical merits and resource potential of these opportunities, and to master the political and cultural challenges of the region. For more information, visit http://www.apxww.com/index.html

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