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Today, the Central Dispatch Center of the Fuel and Energy Complex is the only enterprise in the Russian Federation that collects and processes primary operational information about all sectors of the country's fuel and energy complex 24 hours a day. Our experts prepare a wide range of statistical and analytical information materials based on daily monitoring of the main indicators of production activities of fuel and energy companies. Operational data on the fuel and energy sector is the main information block. It includes several hundred information documents containing information about enterprises in the oil, oil refining, gas, coal and electric power industries. Сегодня ЦДУ ТЭК — единственное предприятие в РФ, осуществляющее в круглосуточном режиме сбор и обработку первичной оперативной информации о всех отраслях ТЭК страны. For more information, visit http://www.cdu.ru/

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