CoalDesk LLC

Coaldesk, LLC is the home of The Coal Market Pricing Report, sometimes refer to as “Vaughn’s View” or “The Pricing Sheet”. This report, a MS Excel format spreadsheet, is a daily close of business, mark-to-market coal pricing report that recaps the over-the-counter coal trading activity in the U.S. coal market. Daniel Vaughn, owner and principal of Coaldesk, LLC, draws upon his thirty plus years of industry experience in sales, market research, business development and logistics in analyzing the market drivers and day-to-day price volatility when assessing coal prices. This knowledge and customer network, along with working bids and offers in the over-the-counter (OTC) coal market, provides daily price transparency for the U.S. coal market. Simply put, each day Daniel is active in the coal market. By staying in regular contact with end-users, production companies, international coal traders and hedge funds, he keeps well connected to active market participants. Whether it be minimizing price exposure, maximizing margins, diversifying trade opportunities, or increasing market liquidity, Daniel understands his clients’ objectives. The Coaldesk team brings confidence to counterparties that transactional prices do indeed clear “at market.” This certainty, along with the integrity and work ethic of the Coaldesk staff, ensures that the Daily Coal Price Report is an accurate representation of the overall domestic coal market. For more information, visit https://www.coaldesk.com/

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