Gaz Metro

From now on, Gaz Métro will be known as Energir. Energy is at the heart of what we do. Energir is like combining energize and pioneer, or engineer. Energir is about imagining energy differently. We’ve evolved in recent years, and our identity needed to reflect that. Today, we distribute more than just conventional natural gas—from renewable natural gas to wind power and solar energy, we continue to diversify our energy sources. We are Québec’s leading natural gas distributor, and our aim is to introduce renewable natural gas into our network. We are also deeply invested in developing innovative energy projects that show promise. In Québec, we produce electricity from wind and distribute traditional and renewable natural gas. In the United States, we produce and distribute electricity from hydraulic, wind and solar sources. We also distribute natural gas there. Furthermore, we invest in innovative energy projects and promote energy efficiency. For more information, visit https://www.energir.com/en/about/

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