HUPX Magyar Szervezett Villamosenergia

As an important part of the energy market liberalization in Hungary, the national TSO MAVIR has established the Hungarian Power Exchange, Company Limited by Shares, as it subsidiary in 2010. Through its regulation and adopted trading framework, it promotes the liquidity of the Hungarian energy market, and on regional level supports the flow of the working capital in the sector. The core activity of HUPX – providing reference price and exchange trading platform - is effectively contributing to the development of the Hungarian electricity market. For the development of the market, it is important that the largest part of the electricity trading happens through the secure system of the organized exchange. In order to do this, there is a need for adequate legal background, transparent conditions, unified access for all participants, and efficient use of resources, as well as value-for-money transaction costs and clear settlement prices as a reference price. The transparent, unified market mechanisms and liberalized market operations serve the security of domestic energy supply, the cost-effectiveness of trade and the boom in electricity industry developments and investments. The organized electricity market operated by HUPX Ltd. contributes to the efficiency of total domestic production and to the moderation of the electricity prices for consumers. For more information, visit https://hupx.hu/en/

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