ION Energy Group

In 2007, Javier Loya co-founded OTC Global Holdings, which has since become the largest independent institutional broker of commodities, covering physical and financial commodity instruments from offices in Houston, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Louisville, London, and Geneva. OTC Global Holdings is a leading liquidity provider and ranks top among peers in Natural Gas, Electricity, NGL, Crude Oil, Petrochemical and Refined Products traded on the ICE, CME, NFX and CBOT exchanges. In addition, OTC Global Holdings also brokers in emission derivatives, commodity index products, metals, soft commodities and weather derivatives. Founded in 2008, Ion Energy Group is a leading broker in Natural Gas Options, NGL, Electricity, Crude & Products, and Petrochemicals. For more information, visit http://www.otcgh.com/portfolio-of-companies/ion-energy/ or http://www.otcgh.com/

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