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Joint Allocation Office (JAO) is a service company that facilitates the electricity market by organizing auctions for cross border transmission capacity. On the 1st of October 2018, JAO became the Single Allocation Platform (SAP) for all European Transmission System Operators (TSOs) that operate in accordance to EU legislation, since it is able to implement and fulfill all regulatory obligations and requirements. JAO performs long- and short-term auctions of transmission capacity. JAO can offer annual, non-calendar annual, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, weekend, daily and intra-day auctions. TSOs and Regulatory Authorities decide what auctions are performed on individual borders. Next to this JAO provides administrative and settlement services to TSOs and acts as a fall-back for the European Market Coupling. The Company was created in June 2015, by merging Central Allocation Office (CAO) GmbH located in Germany and CASC.EU S.A. located in Luxembourg, the two former regional allocation offices for cross border transmission capacities. JAO is owned by twenty-five Transmission System Operators (TSOs) from 22 countries. For more information, visit http://jao.eu/main

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