Marex Spectron

Marex Spectron is a leading independent global commodity specialist, providing clients with extensive access to financial and physical markets. As a world leading commodities specialist, we provide our clients with extensive access to financial and physical markets in Metals, Agriculture and Energy, combined with leading proprietary technology, data and analytics offerings. While other competitors might match our offering in one specific commodity category, we are unique for our leading position across Metals, Energy and Agricultural products. Marex Spectron provides clients with more than just access to market liquidity and management of order-flow (screen, voice and Direct Market Access), we also have extensive data and analysis. With funds and money managers increasingly reliant on quantitative data to support their trading and execution decisions, we have developed Nanolytics, our industry leading anlaytics tool. We have also invested in 'Intelligence' (including proprietary quantitative models) and 'Content' (quotes, reports, research) services. While on the technology front, we offer clients our NEON platform, a proprietary trading, risk and data platform. For more information, visit https://www.marexspectron.com/

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