OMIClear, C.C., S.A. is a company established in Portugal that provides clearing and settlement services as a clearing house and central counterparty since July 3rd, 2006. Currently OMIClear CCP provides clearing and settlement services to Iberian and Non-Iberian Power Derivatives Contracts traded or registered in OMIP SGMR, S.A. regulated market and Natural Gas Derivatives Contracts at PVB-ES virtual trading point traded/registered in the connected markets: OMIP SGMR, S.A., MIBGAS Derivatives S.A. and MIBGAS S.A.. As a CCP, OMIClear becomes the buyer counterpart to every seller and the seller counterpart to every buyer (the so called ‘novation’ process) as from the moment an order is matched or the bilateral trade (OTC) in registered in the connected Market and accepted by OMIClear for clearing and settlement purposes. For more information, visit https://www.omiclear.pt/en

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