Oskarshamns Kraftgrupp

OKG with their 700 employees is located on the Simpevarp peninsula, approximately thirty kilometres north of Oskarshamn, with an amazing view of Kalmarsund sound and the island Blå Jungfrun. Three of Sweden's nuclear power reactors are located here; Oskarshamnsverket 1, 2 and 3, owned and operated by OKG. They are generally called units O1, O2 och O3. These three reactors have a combined installed gross power output of 2,603 MW and at maximum power the reactors account for circa ten per cent of the electricity generation in Sweden. However, a decision on premature shutdown of units O1 and O2 was made in 2015. The decision entails that there will be no future investments at unit O2 and the reactor will not be restarted. On 17 June 2017, unit O1 delivered its final kilowatt hours of electricity. Despite the decision on shutdown, OKG is still one of the major suppliers of base load to the Nordic power supply system. Unit O3 is with the installed capacity of 1,450 MW one of the largest boiling water reactors in the world and will during its lifetime produce 600 TWh, which is sufficient for the entire electricity consumption in Sweden for approximately four years. For more information, visit http://okg.se/

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