Point Logic Energy

A single interactive source for real-time market monitoring and short-term analysis for the North American natural gas markets. PointLogic provides up-to-the-minute expert analytics of the North American natural gas market. Our dynamic visual interface allows you to easily identify important natural gas trends and anomalies, as well as drill into the data to reveal the forces moving markets. The service can monitor the market and natural gas demand for you and, based on criteria you set, alert you when market conditions change. A dozen sector- and region-specific daily and weekly market reports are included, along with a handy Excel tool that allows you to query and pull natural gas data directly into Excel. PointLogic offers comprehensive natural gas data related to pipeline flows, production details, demand and supply analytics, regional reports, news and forecasts via a dynamic visual interface. Build your own custom watchlists to monitor meter volumes, throughput volumes or volumes at storage, gas processing and power generation facilities. Each watchlist can be set up, based on user-defined percentage changes, to deliver natural gas data alerts daily, weekly or in real time. For more information, visit https://ihsmarkit.com/products/pointlogic-gas.html

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