PVM International Oil Brokers & Consultants

PVM is the world's leading broker of oil instruments. PVM Group’s activities cover over the counter broking of swaps, forwards and physical crude oil and refined products together with exchange broking of WTI, Brent and Gasoil futures contracts. Our non-Oil business covers broking physical and financial coal and EU Carbon allowances and offsets. Our teams specialise in Brent CFDs and DFLs, Brent/WTI swaps, Dubai, Urals, Crude options and MOPs. Refined products include propane, butane, naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel, gas oil and fuel oil. We are the only Futures broker with a full range of over the counter oil broking operations that provide the electronic brokers with the information flow necessary to provide high quality value-added execution services. Through PVM Commodities (a registered trading name for PVM Oil Futures ltd.) we provide physical and financial broking services in Emissions and Coal. We distribute daily technical, fundamental & midday oil reports which are widely read by the trading community www.pvmreports.com. The pricing information from our 30 active broking desks is unique and provides valuable data for research, model testing and mark to market purposes www.pvmdataservices.com. For more information, visit https://www.pvmoil.co.uk/

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