Midas Metering Services

Rodan Energy, a leading provider of smart grid solutions to utilities and large energy users, and MIDAS Metering, a leading metering systems and energy data management services company, announced that Rodan has acquired MIDAS to enhance its energy data management capabilities and increase its geographical scope to better serve its clients throughout North America. Since 2003, Rodan Energy Solutions has grown from a local metering service provider to a leading North American energy management company. We deliver innovative solutions to large commercial and industrial energy users, as well as power distribution and generation companies. We strive to create and deliver intelligent energy solutions to large consumers, distributors, and power producers. With our expertise in metering, Demand Response, energy analytics, and systems engineering, we enable our clients to reduce their total energy spend, enhance power system reliability, and help develop a sustainable energy future. For more information, visit https://rodanenergy.com/

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