Shell Trading (US) Company

Shell Trading (US) Company is a corporation that acts as the single market interface for Royal Dutch Shell companies and affiliates in the United States. It became operational in August 1998 and has offices in Houston, TX (headquarters); Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Midland, TX; and San Antonio, TX; and has an affiliated Shell Trading company in Calgary, Alberta. Its portfolio includes the buying and selling of physical crude oil, finished products, and feedstocks, as well as trading various paper products, both on exchanges (The New York Mercantile Exchange and The Chicago Mercantile Exchange) as well as over the counter, making it one of the largest petroleum supply organizations in the United States and the world. Specific businesses include acquisition, sales and trades of domestic crude oil and products; lease crude oil acquisition and marketing; marine chartering; and risk management services. Shell Trading (US) Company looks for crude oil and product opportunities in the international marketplace both with third parties as well as with other affiliates. Shell Trading is a business organization, which integrates our worldwide trading activities and possesses an unsurpassed global portfolio in crude oil, refined products, natural gas, electrical power and chemicals. For more information, visit https://www.shell.us/business-customers/trading/shell-trading-us-company.html or https://www.shell.us/

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