Thyssengas GmbH is an independent company and connects energy sources from near and far. Every year we transmit up to 10 billion cubic metres of gas through 4,200-kilometre-long underground transmission network so that it arrives where it is needed safely and without harming the environment. In doing so, we interconnect various energy supply sectors into an overall concept at the same time. As a co-founder of NetConnect Germany, we created the NCG market area. Our customers profit from the consolidation of the networks for low-calorific gas and high-calorific gas of six gas network operators into one large market area which we serve with clear customer focus and numerous innovations. This move will further stimulate competition and bring additional liquidity to the German gas market. The high-pressure pipeline system in Germany's largest market area has an overall length of almost 20,000 kilometres and connects more than 500 (downstream) distribution networks. We will play an active role in shaping the future and, together with our current partners and any future partners as well, wish to further develop the NCG market area over the long term and to create one of the most liquid gas markets in Europe. For more information, visit https://thyssengas.com/en/

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