Vertex Analytics

In 2011, knowing that the current systems were failing and that a dramatic shift in data demands would require the same dramatic shift in available technologies, Vertex Analytics embarked on a mission to revolutionize market data. Over the next six years, Vertex launched products and innovations that challenged processes and the way the trading ecosystem used technology to protect market integrity. In 2017, Vertex launched V3, its patented trading analytics platform that empowers the user in ways never before possible through scanning, scoring and shaping. V3 matches trading behavior with the corresponding activity from the entire market and scans for potentially negative behaviors like spoofing, flickering, and market disruption/manipulation. V3's scoring engine then populates a personal dashboard with behaviors, presented in escalating severity so users can proceed with confidence that their efforts are as focused as possible. Users can then assess each behavior with market context, having access to trading data with the corresponding T[0] market data. This process gives users the full view of the trading activity for the first time ever, allowing them to shape their defensive and/or offensive strategies with the best foundation possible. For more information, visit https://vertex-analytics.com/

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