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Demystifying ZEMA Suite

December 8, 2010, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

December 8, 2010 – Richmond, B.C. − With such a wide variety of solution offerings in the data space, it is often difficult to differentiate the value proposition between them. At a first glance, the ZEMA SuiteTM may look similar to other data management solutions on the market, but once clients get a deeper look, they quickly find out how unique and empowering ZEMA really is. Rather than focusing on data aggregation and pricing services only, ZEMA, as a technology is focused on fulfilling the client’s end to end business process requirements, providing a wealth of opportunities to create efficiencies throughout the enterprise.
The ZEMA Suite is a modular application build upon several components including:

  • ZEMA Data Manager: Data automation and scheduling
  • ZEMA Validation: Data quality and monitoring
  • ZEMA Admin Console: User and entitlements management
  • ZEMA Market Analyzer: Business intelligence and analysis
  • ZEMA Curve Manager: Intra and end of day business process automation
  • ZEMA Data Direct: Web services and Excel add-in
  • ZEMA Dashboard: Dynamic content visualization
  • ZEMA Development Tools: Services and APIs

ZEMA is much more than a simple data aggregation tool. Users gain access to a full set of applications that collects, aggregates, automates, integrates, analyzes, and distributes any and all market and corporate data sets available to your organization.

Demystifying ZEMA Suite

ZEMA’s key differentiators include:

  • Access to over 2500 market data reports across hundreds of vendors and all commodities
  • Real time data collection for real time decision making
  • Centralized data warehousing and direct database access
  • Rich services and APIs for custom development and integration
  • Web based applications for rapid deployment
  • Easy to use and powerful GUI interfaces

The ZEMA Suite comes with additional support services and is backed by the expertise of experienced professionals to help clients adopt a new software solution. ZE provides integration, training and conversion services ensuring a smooth and efficient software deployment that returns results immediately.

Ending Note

As the developer of the leading energy and commodities data management solution in the marketplace, ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) continues to strive to set the standard both in terms of functionality and flexibility. But, don’t take our word for it; schedule a demo to learn how your organization can be empowered by the best of breed ZEMA Suite.

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