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The Automation of Multi-Commodity Trading Processes and Workflows

The Automation of Multi-Commodity Trading Processes and Workflowss
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Automation, especially in the low value, high volatility markets present today, gives ZEMA clients a competitive advantage. With the markets as they are today, the ability to not only incorporate an increased number of products, but rapidly expanding emerging markets, allows clients to rapidly change risk mitigation strategies, identify market or arbitrage opportunities, and optimize intraday and end-of-day processes and trading tactics.

The Case Study "The Automation of Multi-Commodity Trading Processes and Workflows" demonstrates how one ZEMA client solved many business problems by implementing ZEMA. Automation not only allows this client faster close-out, but decreases risk, increas market intelligence and incorporation of more products, making this client’s processes and workflows transparent, efficient and more effective.

To understand how ze.com, through the end-to-end data management solution ZEMA, can optimize your organizations business processes, workflows, validation and spreadsheets through automation, please read the above case study. If you are interested in seeing ZEMA in action, additionally you can book a demonstration.

About ZE and ZEMA

ZE is a technology leader providing customers with software and services that transform decoupled and fragile data-related routines into streamlined, transparent, secure, and automated business processes. ZEMA, ZE’s award-winning flagship software, is a comprehensive data management and business process automation software solution. With its unparalleled data library, analytical functionalities, curve management, and integration capabilities, ZEMA offers a modular, end-to-end, automated solution for clients of all sizes, operating in any industry.

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