Start:June 18, 2024 9:00 am
End:June 19, 2024 5:00 pm

Join ZEMA Global Data Corporation at the Risk Live in Convene Sancroft, St Paul’s, London from June 18-19, 2024.

Meet Aiman El-Ramly, Chief Business Officer from ZEMA at the event. He can provide you more information about how our award-winning solution, ZEMA, that offers a complete end-to-end automated data, analytics, and integration services for energy and commodity industries can help you.

Aiman will participate in the following panel discussion on June 18.
The critical role of clean and accurate data in digital transformation

  • Navigating evolving reporting requirements requires clean, accurate and scalable data
  • Strategies for migrating from legacy systems to modern digital infrastructures
  • Managing risks associated with data-driven models, including the use of generative AI

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Aiman El-Ramly
Aiman El-Ramly

Chief Business Officer