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FirstEnergy Solutions Implements ZEMA Suite for Reporting Processes

September 26, 2012, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

Sept 26, 2012 – Richmond B.C. – ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) is pleased to announce that FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. has recently implemented ZEMA Suite. This includes DataManager, MarketAnalyzer, Data Validation, DataDirect and ClientConnect.
FirstEnergy Solutions identified a need to increase efficiency and consistency in their processes, as well as combine commodity databases into a single, well-documented system. They also required a means to rationalize real-time market data feeds (including PJM locational marginal pricing) and their internal data sources. In addition, the company wanted to streamline semi-automatic processes into fully automated, verifiable and repeatable processes.
ZEMA will provide FirstEnergy Solutions with a technical framework for redesign of its data management process. In addition to the other ZEMA solutions, the company also procured the ZEMA’s ClientConnect module. This will allow FirstEnergy Solutions to integrate its existing databases with ZEMA’s database.
Manal El-Ramly, Director of Global Markets for ZE, says, “ZEMA will provide FirstEnergy Solutions with a centralized data warehouse with access to real-time PJM LMP and internal data sources.”

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