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Forward Curve Management – ZEMA Market Analyzer 3.5.6

February 19, 2009, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

February 19, 2009 – Richmond, B.C. − ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) is pleased to announce the release of ZEMA Market Analyzer 3.5.6 with enhanced forward curve management capabilities. ZEMA Market Analyzer 3.5.6 is the newest upgrade to ZE PowerGroup’s ZEMA Suite of data management products which provides advanced analysis and reporting of market and proprietary corporate data via graphs, tables, exports, services and dashboards.
Describing the evolution of ZEMA’s analytical capabilities related to curve management Waleed El-Ramly, COO Product Development, explained “We continually listen to our clients and the market as they continue to evolve. We then ensure that ZEMA meets their changing and growing needs.. ZEMA was built around managing time series data of all types; our product gives transparency into that data and the ability to perform advanced analysis on forward curves. Curve management and integration with ETRM systems has always been something we’ve been good at, the new release of ZEMA simply adds more functionality to an already rich suite of products.”
Some of the core features included in ZEMA’s 3.5.6 release includes:

  • Strip Disaggregation and Aggregation
  • Creation of Derivative Curves
  • Provider Prioritization and/or Weighting
  • Seasonality Analysis
  • Promptness Analysis
  • Trade Month Averages
  • Calculation of Basis Curves or “All-In” Prices
  • Curve Extrapolation/Interpolation
  • Quote Weighting Factors
  • Internal/external Curve Validation
  • Timely Mark to Market Calculations
  • Historical and Current Curve Comparisons
  • Cash/Settled Market Comparisons
  • Application of Shapes to Curve Strips
  • Currency and Unit Conversions
  • Term Based Statistical Analysis
  • Case Statements, Formulas and Visual Alerts
  • Unlimited Custom Analysis

ZEMA’s open architecture, web services and post query processes simplify the integration with risk management and trading systems.
The ZEMA Suite of products is designed to meet the data management needs of those who are involved in the energy & commodity markets. Data can be collected and aggregated from exchanges, brokerages, pipelines, independent system operators (ISOs), weather forecasts and other information providers. ZEMA’s analytical and reporting capabilities allow for organizations to take control over their data giving them insight that can be used for regulatory compliance, finding trading opportunities, risk management and for managing back office operations. This provides immense efficiencies and value to corporations seeking to automate and enhance their existing or developing internal processes.

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