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Fully Integrated Enterprise Suite for a Joint Action Agency

June 8, 2009, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -


A long standing client of our consulting services was experiencing major issues in terms of information flow, internal communications and process standardization. It was determined that there were an excessive number of manual tasks being performed and several disjoined systems were in place that were unable to facilitate effective communication between all the groups involved. This left them struggling with delays in urgent tasks, lacking the appropriate audit trails, putting themselves at credit risk, performing redundant routines and exhausting and frustrating their resources.

Moreover, being a joint-action agency, the client had a unique need to track and allocate trade information based on their pool and non-pool members.


The preliminary task was to determine how information flowed within the organization. To do this ZE performed an extensive IT audit to evaluate their corporate systems and processes occurring from pre-trade analysis all the way to settlements. Based on this audit, ZE was able to find the inefficiencies and recommended the replacement of several closed or outdated systems with an integrated and fully centralized open architecture suite of products.

Being a joint-action agency, many of the available solutions in the market were not able to meet their trade allocation requirements. In order to fulfill this requirement, ZE PowerGroup custom built a trade and credit risk package (ZE Trade Manager and Credit Risk Manager) for them. ZEPG then integrated these packages with a fully automated data management suite (ZE Market Analyzer, ZE Data Manager, ZE Market Analyzer) in order to provide an end-to-end trade system.

End Result:

The client now has in place an extensive integrated trade system that includes credit analysis, deal capture, data capture automation, data analysis and forward price curve automation. Further more, by connecting to the open architecture back-end, the client integrates its pre-scheduling and settlement systems to automatically transfer trade information to its downstream systems. By replacing manual processes with automation, the client enjoys a great deal of efficiency and transparency across the organization and has information at their fingertips.

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