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History Behind the ZEMA Suite

February 10, 2011, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

February 10, 2011 – Richmond, B.C. − Why Does ZEMA So Closely Meet Industry Needs?
While today ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) is best known for its ZEMA™ Suite of software products, ZE originally started as a consulting firm serving the needs of a deregulating and dynamically changing energy market. The consulting practice was focused on introducing competitive principles to markets in transition and progressed to the implementation of trade and risk policies, practices and procedures. A core service provided by ZE was the operational audits of energy companies’ trade related activities. It is here that ZE identified significant and systemic deficiencies in the way organizations typically collected, stored, maintained, distributed and assessed critical market and internal data. ZE decided to fill the void with what became known as the ZEMA Data Management and Analysis Suite of products.

Designing ZEMA

Creating a system like ZEMA is not a simple or straight forward task. By the time ZE envisioned ZEMA in 1999, the firm was already an expert in competitive market principles and put its expertise to work on the creation of a generic and modular solution that could be readily plugged into the trade and risk systems in place at client firms. Hands-on competitive market based experience is what drove, and continues to drive, the technology and business concepts used in the development of ZEMA.
From a technical perspective, ZE specified a system to:

  • Aggregate, collect, clean, and centralize data from all possible sources (data agnostic)
  • Be an open and accessible system that readily integrates within existing corporate software environments
  • Provide full ownership of the software and data for organizations wanting to protect their intellectual property and knowledge
  • Form the core or backbone for data management
  • Be a ready platform for business process automation as a means to streamline and empower corporations

On the business side, ZE specified a system that is:

  • Flexible and scalable in its architecture so organizations ranging in size from a small hedge fund, a public utility or a diversified global energy company could use it to maximize their business objectives
  • Inherently structured to meet the varied and intensive demands of energy and commodities market data given the granularity of data and complexity of product offering (e.g. real time ISO / exchange energy prices, futures and options data, OTC traded instruments and physical market conditions)
  • Able to to rovide full data security, governance support and audit capability
  • Able to undertake a broad spectrum of core analyses, tools for business process automation and full distribution of corporate intelligence in multiple formats
  • Easy integrate with other mission critical applications within the corporation

The History of Building ZEMA

With its substantive business and technology knowledge in hand, ZE designed, built and marketed the first ZEMA version, the “original prototype” in the year 2000. ZE’s own consulting group was used to visualize the interface and specify the analytical requirements for developing the first product specification. ZEMA V1 helped ZE gain valuable insight into the usability and functionalities required to serve an ever more competitive and interconnected energy market. After this first phase of product refinements, ZE began offering the product to its existing client base and worked with them to refine ZEMA to meet their specific business requirements in greater depth.
Now in 2011, the product has grown significantly and is seen by many as the leading product in the energy space. Starting with data capture across two single ISOs, ZEMA now covers data globally across all commodity types including Power, Gas, Crude, Weather, Freight and Financial data. The Suite of products have moved from a simple web based interface designed for graphing and creating tables into a fully integrated service oriented software suite that features an Excel Add-in, web services, dashboarding, messaging and more. ZEMA is integrated with a wide range of third party applications across both the business intelligence and trade and risk markets. Starting with a single client and a handful of IT employees in 2000, we now serve over 50 clients in the global commodities market and employ over 100 people to support them.
ZE continues its active research and development program to ensure ZEMA can always provide a broad based application for creating business intelligence and implement business processes. ZE’s recent release of its Forward Curve Automation module and subsequent implementation at several multinational trading organizations attests to the value ZEMA continues to enhance. ZE is happy about what it has accomplished for its clients and is excited to see how it will continue to meet the client demands in the future.
As leaders in the competitive marketplace, ZE believes that it has developed the only energy and commodities data management solution that delivers a comprehensive level of robustness, functionality, flexibility and breadth of data capture. Don’t take the statement at face value; schedule a demo to learn how effectively ZEMA can address the challenges of your organization.

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