Fran Rolon has been engaged in marketing industry-leading software since 1995. The solutions involved data aggregation, market analysis, and energy commodity trading software solutions. Fran has forged strong working relationships with multiple data vendors, systems integrators, software companies, and other business colleagues over the years that helped Fran achieve yearly revenue goals that exceeded corporate sales objectives. This successful experience has also helped in his development as a senior-level sales executive as well as an individual performer earning various sales executive of the year accolades at multiple software organizations.

Fran has managed large sales forces where their success is related to his success and these achievements created bonds for life. Fran is a sales team builder and has been able to develop a unique understanding of the various personality types and how to market to them that has been instrumental in his sales team’s success acumen. Fran has innately also developed a unique skill set to heart working with every client, strategic target account techniques as well as how to match specific business problems to a capability in the software being presented.

Specific business acumen and experience include upstream oil and gas solutions, physical trading and scheduling solutions as well as risk management solutions. Each of these each environment have their own unique subtlety including multilevel complex sales situations and one of his capabilities is coming up with the winning solution selling tactic to deploy.