ZE’s Managed Services is a comprehensive service for those clients who have a Client Hosted Enterprise ZEMA deployment but want to leverage ZE’s technical expertise in running and maintaining that environment. Our professional support staff can provide a range of monitoring and technical services so that your organization gets maximum value from your ZEMA installation.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements and assist with determining how you can best achieve a well-managed data management operation.

Data monitoring and troubleshooting

ZE’s Data Monitoring service monitors and validates data that is imported into the ZEMA system. Each data feed is evaluated according to a well-developed set of business and technical rules. ZE assesses the completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of all information stored in ZEMA’s data library. ZE also troubleshoots potential data collection problems as they arise and takes action where appropriate.

Application monitoring and troubleshooting

ZE ensures maximum uptime of each component of the ZEMA solution. ZE will review application logs, check for application uptime, investigate data processor issues, and troubleshoot any other identified error.

Curve monitoring and troubleshooting

ZE’s Curve Monitoring services include monitoring and confirming successful builds of a client’s curves according to scheduled build times. ZE’s technical staff is trained to troubleshoot and debug data collection, data cataloging, curve scheduling, profile logic, and data transformation errors. Curve monitoring is only available for clients licensed with ZEMA Curve Manager

Database monitoring and troubleshooting

ZE makes sure that the database environment is stable, optimized, and well suited to its specific purpose. ZE breaks down tasks into scheduled and regular duties, applying scripts, monitoring performance, applying indexes, creating partitions, and performing other related tasks.


Protect your organization from critical data loss

This service includes providing “best practices” and relevant consultation on implementing a ZE Disaster Recovery environment including:

Participation in Disaster Recovery test simulation scenarios
Regular monitoring
Providing a point of contact and support for Disaster Recovery environment in the event a disaster recovery is required
We can create your Business Continuity Plan

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