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Process Conversion and Data Management Solution

June 8, 2009, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -


Realizing that there was an excessive amount of manual processes, disparate systems, exposure to manual error and a need to centralize information, this large multi-commodity (gas, oil, power) client launched an RFP with the intent to streamline and centralize their data collection and to convert their spreadsheet based systems into something more centralized and controllable. The client was interested in collecting a large set of exchange and subscription based data over and above their internally generated data.


Winning an RFP by the merit of its open architecture, ZE PowerGroup engaged in an extensive multi-staged project with the client. Major tasks included:

  • Installation of base software including multiple public and subscription-based data sources for immediate use by the client while customization work was completed. This allowed the client instant access to key market information without delay due to staging work.
  • Incorporation, automation, transformation and storage of client’s internal forward curves, termbooks and daybooks into the back-end central database. This was complimented by the integration of those datasets into the ZE Market Analyzer which provided access to the end-users through the web.
  • Full conversion of the client’s historical data, integrity checks against source data and the transformation and centralization of the relevant history.
    Integration of the back-end database with the client’s internal spreadsheets and downstream systems in order to automate previous manual or inefficient processes.
  • Custom development of analytics, specialized views, and reporting for the client to mimic previous functionality.

End Result:

At the end of the project, ZE PowerGroup had transformed an error prone and inefficient manual process into an open-architecture database and a web based analysis extraction tool. These were further integrated into the client’s downstream risk systems and spreadsheets. End users are now freed from performing unnecessary resource intensive task and have instant access to the information that they require.

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