How ZEMA Works

A comprehensive data aggregation, integration; and analytics platform that resolves data management and business process automation challenges.

With ZEMA you get unrivaled data collection, analytics, curve management, and integration capabilities.

ZEMA is modular and can be configured to meet your business and industry needs.

Data Collection

Get access to all the data you need.

It's never been easier to connect your organization with the data it needs to take action. Automate your data collection with ZE.

Collection is what we do

Real Time Capture

Real time data capture helps us deliver what you need with accuracy

Global Data

Global data reach ensures that we're looking at the big picture

Ultimate Flexibility

Our data-agnostic approach means we're compatible with any electronic format giving you ultimate flexibility

Multiple Sources

We collect Internal, Public, and 3rd party data sources, based on your requirements

Better results through validation


We monitor timeliness, completeness, and accuracy of data


Get outbound notifications on violations, giving you the insight you need

Data Repair

We specialize in data monitoring and repair services


Entitlement management

Entitlement management ensures that only authorized users have access to the authorized data they need

Activity reporting

Activity reporting gives you detailed records when you need them

Application control

Application control offers granularity that's easy to organize

Auditable and Transparent

Ensure compliance and Approval principals of data and risk centric processes


We offer the most.

Organization and Analytics

Take your Data to the Next Level

With the right data insights, you can find hidden opportunities you didn't know existed. We build powerful extraction and analytical engines to help your users manipulate and visualize data, so you can find those insights again and again.

Powerful Data Analytics

Combined Sources

Combine and align data sources, finding efficiencies and insights

Data Aggregation

Aggregate and manipulate data to unveil the big picture


Sophisticated data and curve capabilities make powerful analysis possible


An extensive formula library lets you do more instantly

Highly Visual

Charted Data

View data as graphs and tables. See the data how you want

Customizable outputs

Customizable outputs give you flexibility and control

Build Dashboards

Build Dashboards to fit your at-a-glance needs

Full Microsoft Excel integration

You don't have to give up your Excel. Full Excel integration delivers ease-of-use across platforms

User Friendly


Save and share analysis and favorites for quick, convenient access

Search tools

Search tools making finding the right data simple

Point and click functionality

Point and click functionality is easy to learn, and easy to use.

Tree based navigation

Tree based navigation delivers simple, direct connections to your data

Powerful Automation

Transform your Data

A fully automated data workflow engine lets you create, validate, map, and integrate custom data sets into the tools you need.

Automated data

Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation tools let you simplify your process

Aggregate and manipulate data

Integrate data into your workflow seamlessly

Automation tools

Work with our established automation tools or use our toolkit to create your own

Process Automation

Automate complex and business specific processes, such as Independent Price Verification or Mark-to-Market checks

Push Data


Save and share analysis and favorites for faster access


Robust search tools help you find what you need

Point and click

Point and click functionality makes it easy for anyone to operate

Tree based navigation

Tree-based navigation intuitively makes sense

Data Portability

Take your data-anywhere, anytime

A powerful technology platform that lets you extend the power of your individual data platform with a wide range of push and pull options that support easy and flexible connections.

System Integration


Integrates with Business Intelligence (BI) tools, ETRM, Microsoft Excel, ERP, Trade & Risk systems and Machine Learning technology


Bi-directional connectivity (to and from data platforms)

Internal Systems

Connects to internal systems and databases

Multiple Points of Access


Connect through messaging for rapid access

Web services

Use web services in powerful, flexible ways


Plug in with OData with smart REST access

Scheduled tasks

Scheduled tasks provide consistent results for your workflow

Highly Flexible

Push and pull

Push and pull integration

Data Requests

Request data, queries or access business layers in powerful, meaningful ways

SOAP Services and REST

SOAP and REST based services for language agnostic communication

Application integration

Application specific integration that fits your workflow


No matter your size or complexity we have options

Whether your organization has the technical resources internally to manage your data needs, require data on demand, or you want to outsource hosting and maintenance, the choice is yours, and we’ve got you covered. ZEMA Global Data Corporation offers you On-Demand (ZaaS, SaaS cloud-based hosting), ZEMA Cloud and Hosted Services or Managed Services options.


You can run ZEMA in your own data center, and use it as a locally installed and licensed platform

Customize to meet your data needs

Have the option of increased customization and control of ZEMA

Complete Control

Secure and easy integration with 3rd party applications and home grown systems

Not Ready for Cloud?

You can deploy on premises now with the knowledge that you can easily migrate to the cloud whenever you’re ready.

ZEMA Certification Program

Become a ZEMA expert by signing up for the ZEMA Certification program and learn more about Integration, Analytics, and Automation using ZEMA platfrom.

Powered by ZEMA

Look closer at what we do as a Service and you'll find the ZEMA Cloud, a tailor-made Data-Analytics-Automation-Integration as a Service solution.