Scheduling and Settlement Provided Much Faster than Energy Service Provider's In-house IT

February 1, 2011, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

Company Details

Industry: Diversified Energy Marketer
Ownership: Private
Location of Operations: US National
Size: Over 200 employees
Details: an electricity and natural gas service provider providing service to residential and commercial customers across 16 states in North America.


This Company needed access to ERCOT settlements data for use with a scheduling and settlement support application.


ZE PowerGroup had already confirmed its ability to import and centralize a wide range of ERCOT Nodal reports long before the nodal market went live on December 1, 2010. Working with the energy consulting firm, Adapt2 Solutions, ZEMA’s scheduling engine, the Data Manager, was used as the middleware component to Adapt2’s ISO Scheduling and Settlement framework.

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