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Signal Ocean’s Maritime Data APIs Now Accessible through the Award-Winning ZEMA™ Platform

Signal Ocean’s Maritime Data APIs Now Accessible through the Award-Winning ZEMA™ Platform
October 19, 2021, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

Today ZE PowerGroup (ZE) announced that oil Majors on the ZEMA platform benefit from Signal Ocean APIs. Integrating data from a diverse datasets like Signal Ocean enables customers to tap into a mixture of data sources. They can identify the most relevant data points using these sources to define and enhance their decision-making process.

This Partnership Will Allow Companies to Fortify Their Analysis and Decision Making in the Maritime Sector.

From historical and predicted CO2 emissions on a per-vessel basis to dynamic vessel movements, Signal Ocean offers valuable data for supporting the analysis and decision-making of companies in the maritime industry. These data APIs provide precise estimations for CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions of a particular ship and determine how specific choices regarding the freight position and the vessel itself impact a company’s EU Emissions Trading System exposure.

The integration of Signal Ocean’s data into the ZEMA platform provides a native environment for the diverse data sets to co-exist. Users can access these resources through a viewing application, Microsoft Excel, or other pricing or trading models. This allows them to go beyond the price fluctuation of the commodity in question or supply and demand characteristics and look at the availability of vessel tonnage in key transit points.

Companies can also assess the risk of a sanctions breach based on the vessels’ historical movements in addition to the GHG impact of a ship and fleet activity. These fundamental elements will ensure they stay on top of the latest insights and make intelligent, well-informed decisions.

Dimitris Tsapoulis, COO of the Signal Group said “We are pleased to be part of the data ecosystem supported by ZE. Many customers are benefiting from the combination of financial market data with data that identifies key elements of the maritime supply chain. The Signal API’s provide a detailed view of areas such as a vessel’s historic voyages, its CO2 and other GHG emissions through to predicted future voyages. ZE provides a level of data integration that all market participants can benefit from.

The integration of Signal Ocean APIs into ZEMA will be a game-changer for businesses in the maritime industry. We are excited about this partnership, as it will play an integral role in the industry’s advancement. Companies can now expect to guide their decision-making by real-time business intelligence and data reports,” says Aiman El-Ramly, Chief Business Officer at ZE PowerGroup.
The Signal Group and ZE Power Group are looking forward to expanding maritime data provision through ZEMA. Traders and analysts in the industry will enjoy 24/7 access to Signal Ocean’s CO2, voyages, and historic tonnage list APIs.

About The Signal Group

Established in 2014, The Signal Group went live in 2018, combining deep knowledge of shipping with an undying passion for applied science and technology. The founding entrepreneur and key managers and engineers have spent over ten years transforming a small team into one of the leading global ship management companies.
The Signal Ocean Platform and its subsequent APIs aim to improve the freshness and flow of information in the shipping market. The data sets are tested and modified rigorously to ensure relevancy for existing and future clients.

The company leverages modern technology to help professionals achieve extraordinary performance by taking care of the mundane and computationally complex. It supports businesses seeking to benefit from reliable datasets and the digitization of the maritime markets.

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